The Japanese knot became one of the most aggressive weeds found in the United Kingdom. This undergrowth caused serious problems with natural areas and houses, jeopardizing the structure of houses and driveways, growing out of the foundation and pushing through the paving.

This is one of the most aggressive weeds that you can find in your garden, and it is almost impossible to destroy them without professional help. Early in the spring, when you need to start checking your garden for the presence of this unwanted visitor.

In early spring, purple buds begin to push the ground.

They may seem harmless enough, but you will not feel it in a few weeks, when the stems, like a cane, reach a height of more than three meters and take over your entire garden.

The problem with peas is that it not only grows, grows in the transverse direction, and then pushes the stems to grow. This means that before you realize that there is a problem, it is out of control and without help, and you will fight for it for many years.

Many people do not know how to identify this weed, so they understand that it is an invasive plant when it grows cream-white flowers at the end of summer.

There are many ways to deal with the whip.

There are aerosols on the market, but they do not eliminate or eliminate the problem, but only cause the death of the trunk. When you think that this undergrowth grows underground and sneaks through all your property, it is not very pleasant to know that you managed to kill only what grows on the surface.

There are a number of root treatment methods, and when you call the professionals, you will find that they are injected directly into the stem, which in turn, kills the root. It does not stop here, and it will be necessary to dig up the garden to ensure that all traces of weeds are removed.

Neighbors will be angry with you and may complain if this grass grows in your garden. Due to its speed, it can quickly get to nearby objects. The best thing to do while you are waiting for the gardeners to come is to establish a barrier to dig into the ground between your yard and your neighbors to reduce the risk of growth outside your fence.

You can also try cutting the stems. Until it kills the plant, the growth rate will decrease. The problem is that you cannot throw away the stalks that you cut from the waste from your garden. These plants must be disposed of safely and efficiently, which requires a special license.

The safest and most effective way to eradicate and eliminate knotweed is to spend money and use a reputable weed control company. They have the experience and knowledge not only to kill the plant, but also to eliminate all its traces, ensuring that it does not grow in your garden.

If you live near a nature reserve or natural area, watch your garden carefully and watch the purple stems that you can cross in early spring. By the time the stems push the plant through, you are already making your way through your entire lot. Do not waste time trying to kill them, call and call the company as soon as possible or buy japanese knotweed treatment.


The company should also be able to offer you valuable advice on how to keep the plant under control until they can contact you.