The fireplace can be the centerpiece of a home. It is one of the livelier sections of a home to go to especially when there’s a family gathering or you’re hosting a party. Because of this, it is essential that you maintain it so you don’t run into safety concerns.

When talking to your fireplace contractor, you have to take note of the things that you are directly responsible for. This can help when they ask you certain questions in order for them to identify if there is something wrong or if something’s about to go wrong with your fireplace.

  1. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is better than cleaning in bursts. This prevents any buildup from sticking to the fireplace too much. When you clean regularly, it is also easier to spot anything that may seem off with your fireplace so you can contact your fireplace contractor early on.

  1. Clean properly

Along with cleaning regularly, you should also take note that you have to clean your fireplace properly. This will directly affect the efficiency of your fireplace because any buildup of creosote not only affects the quality of the fire but may become a fire hazard as well.

  1. Smoke inside your home

Under no circumstance should there be smoke in your home. All smoke should be properly ventilated through your chimney. If it goes into your home, there may be something blocking it.

  1. Soot

Soot is a byproduct of burning wood and may be difficult to clean. It can cause an outbreak of fire if there is a large amount in your fireplace. Talk to your fireplace contractor if you are having issues cleaning the soot from your burnt wood.

  1. Creosote

If you find any crust-like flammable substance after incomplete combustion of wood, you are probably looking at creosote. Upon touching, it is hard because the wood may have been poorly stored and dried. Make sure that you regularly check the stove pipe as well.

  1. Right wood

One of the most important things that you have to remember is burning the right wood. If you don’t burn the right wood, you are going to run into many problems such as fast burns.

  1. Annual inspection

To make sure that there are no underlying issues with your fireplace, make sure that you have it checked annually. This will help you identify any problems that go beyond regular cleaning duties. Make sure that the person checking it is a specialist that have the right equipment and resources.

  1. Fireplace compatibility

If you recently purchase your home, it might be a better idea to have a fireplace contractor check whether the fireplace is actually compatible with the setup of the house itself. There are instances where homeowners just installed one simply because they wanted one.

  1. Updated for the latest standards

Ensure that your fireplace is checked for the latest standards when it comes to fire safety. Every now and then, the rules and regulation on proper airflow and other factors may change. It is in your best interest to keep up with the updates.

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