Security companies on the Sunshine Coast ensures that your property is safe. With crime in Australia on the rise, their services are needed more than ever. These professionals provide a variety of solutions to all your safety needs. Here are three of the most common.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras have become more common in both residential and commercial properties. It’s no surprise. It’s the easiest way to monitor your home or business without hiring a guard. With strategic placement, you can see the entire perimeter of the area without leaving your room. Moreover, you can have your footage as evidence should the need arise.

Most service providers will offer two types of cameras: indoor and outdoor. Outdoor types are waterproof and are designed to operate even in the harshest conditions. Meanwhile, indoor cameras don’t need any special features, as they aren’t exposed too much.

Traditional CCTV cameras used to operate through recording the footage and saving it to a hard disk. Once the disk is full, it will automatically rewrite old footage. This has obvious limitations, as you can’t review previous footage. Most units nowadays have internet capabilities, which allows you to upload the footage directly into the cloud storage. This way, you’ll always have a back-up.


Alarms are a good way to deter crime. Once someone enters the property without authorisation, you’re immediately notified of the intrusion. Gold Coast alarm systems are designed to induce panic, causing the trespasser to flee the premises.

Some alarm systems operate by simply making noise. These are the most basic varieties. However, newer units directly contact the authorities in the case of a break-in. This is safer, as help can arrive in times of distress. Security companies offer this service to ensure that officers can get to you even if you don’t have a phone nearby.

Access Restriction

This service is reserved for larger buildings. It can’t be helped that there are certain areas in buildings where access must be restricted. It may involve sensitive files or valuable inventory, which need to be protected from the public. Professionals install personalised locks to prevent break-ins.